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Transport for fitters and services: we transport what you need directly to the fair on time.

A trade fair event is a moment of great visibility and meeting for a company or business. The stand builder and those in charge of the service know well how much expectation there is on the part of the customer who will be exhibiting, so that everything is carried out on time, impeccably, without leaving out any detail. You, who have to build and make this little world work, know how the movement of materials part is of vital importance. How many worries for a truck that doesn’t arrive on time, for a damaged panel, a forgotten piece.
If you rely on NF transport, you are left with the task of designing and building the stand or managing the service, leaving it up to us to get what you need to the fair in a highly professional manner. We will ensure that the goods and parts of the installation, down to the smallest bolt, arrive at the exhibition center within the predefined time frame, unloaded from the vehicles with the speed and care that is required on these occasions. A big chunk of thoughts less.
Transport for fitters and services

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    The sound of a human voice is priceless

    Automatic replies, chat bots, call centers managed from abroad, pre-packaged response emails. How many times have you not been able to speak decently with a company you have trusted? Irritating, no doubt about it.
    We also use modern supports and software, we use technology to structure our work, to organize the team, for a first contact with people. However, we believe that a customer has the right to be listened to by someone who is part of the company, who knows it in detail and does not provide standardized answers. The right to hear, on the other end of the phone, a human voice that can clarify any doubts, reassure him, inform him. Find the best solution to every need together. Ours is a close-knit team, we talk to each other first and foremost, we don’t take anything for granted, we compare ourselves daily, each in our own role.
    The customer is not a number, he is a partner, made up of one or more people we know by name. It would also be nice to hear your voice, your presentation, listen to you explain what you are, and be able to describe what we are, because the written word is beautiful and important, but the sound of a human voice is priceless.
    Transport for fitters and services

    How much does serenity cost?

    I think you would pay anything to sleep soundly. To avoid having that last minute anxiety that you feel every time a new setup needs to be done. The truck hasn’t arrived yet and no one answers the phone. Time passes, precious minutes swept away. As we have explained, it won’t happen with us.

    And all this is priceless. Right? Wrong.

    There is a price, and it’s much lower than you might think. How is it possible to combine quality with competitive rates? Simple. With excellent organization. NF Trasporti is a company that combines modern technologies with management at a family level, which has no unnecessary costs in its way of working.

    Our customers also say it in the reviews, you just need to read them to find the expression “competitive prices” several times. Each service is customized, to use an English expression it is tailor made, a tailor-made product made to measure, without adding anything superfluous, counting only the services that are really needed by the customer.

    Sleeping soundly is priceless, but everyone likes saving a little.

    Contact us to talk about it together and prepare to be amazed by the price we will offer you.

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    The important thing is to always have a plan b – Transport for Fitters and Services

    With our experience, we now know the types of problems that can slow down or prevent transport. No mix-up will get in our way. The important thing, to guarantee 100% reliability, is to prevent setbacks and always have a plan b. For the rest we spare no expense, we are available to start the vehicle at any time of the day or night, including holidays. The drivers, employees and workers are experienced and trained, work with passion and know how to act in any situation.

    There are those who focus on the problem and cry about it, there are those who look forward, looking for a solution. This is us. Because the exhibition stands must be cleared out in a certain, very short space of time, transported, perhaps to another neighborhood in a different city, and deposited quickly. Our trucks have a hydraulic tail lift and internal fixing of materials and are the most suitable for making bulky and delicate goods travel smoothly. Transport for fitters and services

    Every problem, every need, even the strangest ones, propose it to us, because we like challenges. We will find a solution together. Just make an appointment, the rest will take care of itself.

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    Our mission is to be a highly specialized partner that supports and assists the customer by providing a highest quality service on time. We offer transport and logistics solutions with expertise, experience and care, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. We take care of everything related to transport quickly, meticulously and reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    In this section, we have collected some testimonies from those who have chosen to work with us. These experiences encourage us to continue working hard to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers.

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    Customer service Clarity, speed, courtesy

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