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Our focus: supplier logistics, groupage, warehouse service

We know the needs of industrial machinery manufacturers well. We help the customer to develop supplier logistics that is optimized in order to bring everything to the company for assembly and then shipping. If you need space for assembled machinery, our warehouse is the solution, furthermore for shipments we offer a very convenient groupage service throughout the national and European territory. Transport of industrial machinery

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    Transport of industrial machinery

    Our team of experts constantly strives to offer an impeccable service, designed to meet the needs of each customer. Thanks to the experience gained in the sector and the services provided such as: 1) supplier logistics 2) warehouse 3) groupage; we are able to guarantee safe and timely transport for your industrial machinery.

    Collection at the customer site

    NF transporti comes to collect the product from your production site. For direct delivery, or to keep it in stock, ready when needed.

    Experienced and trained drivers

    Our men will position the industrial machinery inside the seesaw, securing them so that they cannot move due to curves or potholes in the road. Vehicles with hydraulic tail lift and opening roof, driven by experienced and trained drivers.

    Warehouse service

    The industrial machinery arrives safely where they are expected, respecting delivery times to the minute. If necessary, we can keep them in stock to deliver them later, whenever you want!

    Why choose us?

    A fleet of cutting-edge vehicles and a competent and close-knit team, young and highly specialized, who work with passion. We know how to combine the use of the most advanced methods, which guarantee high quality services, with the more traditional way of relating in person, to listen to the needs of each customer, just like it was done once. Therefore advanced technologies, without neglecting the direct relationship, to find the best solution case by case. We are always available and attentive, because we have dedication and love for our work.

    Transport of industrial machinery

    It’s not all. The transport of goods, especially the most delicate ones, must be accompanied by services capable of facilitating it and ensuring that everything happens smoothly. Collection directly from the customer’s premises, placement and fixing on the most suitable vehicle, possible storage at our warehouses. Only in this way will the transport of your products, even fragile or bulky ones, no longer be a worry for you.

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    Industrial machinery transport phases

    Transportation planning


    Before starting road transport, it is necessary to plan and organize the itinerary, delivery times and means of transport appropriate to the size and weight of the goods.

    Loading and unloading of goods


    The goods are loaded onto the transport vehicle and subsequently unloaded at the delivery point. This phase requires correct management of loading and unloading operations to avoid damage to the goods and guarantee the safety of the operators.

    Transport of industrial machinery


    The vehicle starts moving to travel the established route and deliver the goods to the recipient. During this phase, it is important to respect current regulations regarding road safety, speed limits, weight and dimensions of the vehicle, as well as any restrictions on times and circulation zones.

    Transport tracking


    During the journey, we constantly monitor the progress of the transport, the condition of the vehicle and the goods, to ensure that everything proceeds as planned and to intervene promptly in the event of problems or unexpected events.

    Delivery of the goods to the recipient


    Once they arrive at their destination, the industrial machinery is unloaded and delivered to the recipient. At this stage, it is important to verify the integrity of the machinery to certify the correct receipt of the goods. Management of the label.

    Evaluation and continuous improvement


    We periodically analyze and evaluate the performance of the window transport service, in order to identify areas for improvement and implement actions to optimize the quality and efficiency of transport.


    Our mission is to be a highly specialized partner that supports and assists the customer by providing a highest quality service on time. We offer transport and logistics solutions with expertise, experience and care, ensuring peace of mind for our customers. We take care of everything related to transport quickly, meticulously and reliably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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    Experience, competence and punctuality travel with us

    Would you like to be contacted for a personalized proposal? Request a telephone appointment or a call. We would also be happy to meet you in person, at your office or at our office in Longiano, to hear about your company and study together a service that fully responds to your needs.


    Your goods don’t need to be delivered right away? We keep them, stored in a suitable manner, in our warehouses in order to exclude any form of deterioration or damage. Our 5,000 mg of surface, equipped with alarm, cameras and 24/7 surveillance, with personalized insurance, will keep your goods safe and protected.

    Integrated logistics

    We help the customer to structure the collection from their suppliers: we sit down and together we structure an integrated logistics project. It is a service that allows the customer to guarantee the collection of the materials he expects from all suppliers and delivery in a single moment.


    Don’t have enough merchandise to fill a full load? But do you have enough goods to receive a drain from the couriers? Our Groupage is the solution, a clear and economical service throughout the national and European territory.


    We are able to move goods very quickly between warehouses of various branches in different cities in Italy, for supply needs.

    Collection at your office

    NF transport comes to pick up the product at your production site. For direct delivery, or to keep it in stock, ready when needed.

    Customer Service 7/7 24 hours

    Customer Service is at your complete disposal 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you at any time to resolve any problems, answer your questions and meet your needs.


    In this section, we have collected some testimonies from those who have chosen to work with us. These experiences encourage us to continue working hard to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction to our customers.

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    Customer service Clarity, speed, courtesy

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