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Who We Are

Highly Qualified Partner

The current world no longer settles. Today on Earth, various cardinal points come together instantly; people and things are constantly in motion, surpassing every limit. We have all become extremely demanding, impatient, seeking the best. That’s why, for your business, the best solution is to turn to partners who offer the highest specialization, experience, care, and ensure the respect of deadlines at every stage. For your transportation and related services, we are here for you.

Transportation of Machinery and Goods

This has been our profession for almost forty years, transporting goods and machinery on all kinds of roads, and we carry it out with great technical expertise along with extensive experience and extreme care, the same care you would put into delivering an order to a customer. Furthermore, we guarantee comprehensive transportation services that put those who rely on us at ease. You only need to focus on creating the product; the rest is our responsibility.

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Fast, Reliable, and Customized Transportation for Those Who Demand the Best

40 Years of Experience in the Industry

For almost forty years, we have been dedicated to transporting goods and the services surrounding it. We transport all types of products or machinery on behalf of numerous companies, large and small. We have no limits, but the most critical transports due to fragility or size are our daily challenge. Fixtures, large delicate and expensive machinery, equipment for trade fair setups, PVC corrugated materials are just a few examples of what we transport every day, holidays included, on our vehicles, across the entire national territory and even in Europe. All of this is done quickly and safely, respecting agreed-upon timelines, while ensuring the integrity of the product.

Our Strength

A fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles and a competent, cohesive team, young and highly specialized, working with passion. We know how to combine the use of the most cutting-edge methods, ensuring high-quality services, with the more traditional way of personal interaction, to listen to the needs of each client, just as it was done in the past. Therefore, advanced technologies, without neglecting direct relationships, to find the best solution case by case. We are always available and attentive because we possess dedication and love for our work. These may seem like outdated values, but not for us.

That’s not all. Transporting goods, especially delicate ones, must be accompanied by services that facilitate it and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Direct pickup from the client’s premises, placement and securing on the most suitable vehicle, potential storage at our facilities. Only then will the transportation of your products, even fragile or bulky ones, no longer be a concern for you.

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Our History


With the enthusiasm of young pioneers, a small group of young entrepreneurs founded a beverage transportation company in the town of Santarcangelo, in the heart of Romagna.


The company, in addition to continuing to operate in the beverage sector, specializes in transporting setups for trade fairs and events (out-of-gauge equipment), which are extremely delicate, complex to load and handle, and require delivery within very tight deadlines. It also starts handling the transportation of fixtures for some clients. In short, the business of transporting setups grows, and the team decides to abandon the beverage sector to focus solely on this area.


The headquarters relocates from Santarcangelo to Longiano, in the province of Forlì-Cesena.


In 2020, the team welcomed Francesco, Tommaso, and Matteo as new partners, all very young, marking the beginning of a period of significant renewal and acceleration to realize the new growth project. Continuous training for drivers, cutting-edge technologies, modern and secure vehicles, an age-old passion, and already looking to the future with determination and grit. With the limitations imposed by Covid, which froze the realization of public events for a long period, the company decided to specialize in transporting fragile, bulky, and expensive materials. The first to be developed was the transportation of fixtures, partially experimented with since 2014, followed by numerous others. These new types of transports are highly appreciated by customers and quickly become important sectors of the company.


The company’s growth began to take shape after hiring a new team in 2020. Today, the company has seen significant growth in revenue, expansion of the vehicle fleet, and the provision of innovative and sustainable services for the market.

In parallel with the expansion of the fleet, the company has expanded the range of services offered, including personalized logistics solutions for companies of various sectors and sizes. This has enabled the acquisition of new clients and the strengthening of relationships with existing ones. Training and development of staff have been another key element. NF Trasporti has invested in employee training programs to ensure a quality, efficient service that is up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and technologies.


The company, leveraging the expertise developed within the team and a fleet that is continuously being strengthened, plans to expand further; in the coming years, it aims to open new branches throughout the national territory, in order to provide its quality services to other areas of Italy as well.

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Customer Service: Clarity, Speed, Courtesy

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