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Who we are

We are a trucking company from Emilia Romagna that for about forty years we have dedicated ourselves to the transport of goods and the services that revolve around it. We transport any type of product or machinery on behalf of numerous large and small companies. We have no limits, but the most critical transports due to fragility or size are our daily challenge.

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Our dedicated services


Your goods don’t need to be delivered right away? Don’t leave them cluttering up your warehouses. We keep them, stored in a suitable manner, in our warehouses in order to exclude any form of deterioration or damage. Our 5,000 m2 of surface area, equipped with alarm, cameras and 24/7 surveillance, with personalized insurance, will keep your goods safe and protected. Ready to travel again at the right time.

Integrated Supplier Logistics

We help the customer to structure the collection from their suppliers: we sit down and together we structure an integrated logistics project. It is a service that allows the customer to guarantee the collection of the materials he expects from all suppliers and delivery in a single moment.


Don’t have enough merchandise to fill a full load? But do you have enough goods to receive a drain from the couriers? Our Groupage is the solution, a clear and economical service throughout the national and European territory.

Shuttle Service for Warehouses

We are able to move goods very quickly between warehouses of various branches in different cities in Italy, for supply needs.

Full load

Transport service which involves total filling of the vehicle by a single customer. The transport is carried out in a single time, i.e. with a single so-called “pickup/delivery”. The customer essentially has all the means at his disposal and the means will be directed, without interruptions, to a single recipient.

Why choose us?

A fleet of cutting-edge vehicles and a competent and close-knit team, young and highly specialized, who work with passion. We know how to combine the use of the most advanced methods, which guarantee high quality services, with the more traditional way of relating in person, to listen to the needs of each customer, just like it was done once. Therefore advanced technologies, without neglecting the direct relationship, to find the best solution case by case. We are a road haulage company from Emilia Romagna that is always available and attentive, because we have dedication and love for our work.

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Customer service Clarity, speed, courtesy

Contact us, we will find the tailor-made solution for each transport together with you